Amen Is Spoken… to the Glory of God

Beyond devotion or holiness

Beyond saved or chosen

Beyond good works,

Good words

Paul says

Don’t be uninformed,

Or ignorant of the trials.

It is going to hurt,

But not necessarily in the ways we’ve imagined.

Persecution is now driven by apathy

More than aggression.

By disgust, disdain,


What do you do with a world…

That sees the church as Obsolete? Archaic? Hypocritical?

Somehow forty lashes minus one

Would hurt less

Seem more justifiable,

Than indifference.

Yet still I hope,

Like Paul

Who laments, yet…

Ends with Christ…

And the power behind the name

Not just any power,

But resurrection power

And not just the power that resurrects

But the power

That endlessly pursues

His People

Because He loves them

Because He died for them.

What would the Church look like today

If when faced with apathy and indifference

Derision and contempt, Responded with Power?

Resurrection Power?

It rings in my ear…

Pierces my soul….

You are the church…

You are the church


Be the church….


Be who you are….