They told me

The line is between

Truth and Error.

Pride and Humility

Light or the masqueradin of it?

Yes, they yell

And tell


I am a sinner.

No woman can talk before men,

Can’t be a preacher girl

It ain’t right

It ain’t holy

It ain’t proper

“Sit down shut up and just keep

Your trap closed.”

“Were tryin to teach people about the Love of God

And God said, “Man is the Head”

“He said it; we believe it, that’s final!”

But, I am confused….

It sounds familiar, yet not….

I don’t know if we are talking about the same one…

Must be a different Jesus than the one I know

I am talking about….

The one who freed the Woman of Blood?

Nurtured the Samaritan

The one who called Mary by name?

Who wept with Martha?

The one who cast no stone?

No, your God doesn’t sound like mine.

But I’d be happy to introduce you.