So Oft’ it is taught…
In creation
God was pleased…
It was good,
dark and light
day and night
water and land
fish and beast
but somehow when humanity arrived on the scene….
things went awry…
so because of the Fall God created plan B …
Now sin was in play…
So in order to have “the likeness of God”
Saved from an eternity of death…
They were kicked from the garden
Walked out with only their freshly killed skins, their shame,  and a curse:
He of toil and sweat from his brow.
For her perhaps even worse now
Pain in birth,
And desire for her beau but be ruled over though
She would be forever reminded of her dance with deceit.
Dripping defeat, with juice from a fruit which opened their eyes
But was God surprised? Did humanity’s fall catch him off guard?
“Oh those foolish humans we have made…. We have gone and messed up…Now we must figure a plan to save them…. what was plan B again….?”
I think not, Not if all Knowing… all Loving…all Holy
Perhaps in it all
Through it all
It was really a way of
Showing Great love….Offering choice to Love or to Not,
To Live or to Die…
To follow or fly their own way.
You see without choice,
We are puppets dancing at the end of a string
Obedience given is only true when it is formed from love… in relationship.
For we needed to see the futility of the law,
So that we could fully embrace the
Sufficiency of the cross….
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”