Bitterness is heavy surf …violent turbulent surf

The stuff of hurricanes and tsunamis

When earth shakes her core and

Blows off steam, rages in the winds of water too warm

And pressure to low

Bitterness is the byproduct of disaster….it is left

In the After….

and one can succumb to it and be drug down deep and buried alive

till death comes by the suffocating cynicism that follows


one can swim to joy….

Yes joy is also a byproduct of disaster

It is earned in the dark night of despair

It comes not in ease or comfort,

Not in delight or fancy

For those are folly and fortune both which will not

And cannot last

Joy comes in the patience

and practice of gratefulness


The everyday things that for a moment seemed lost….

The one who shows up

The call that is made

The hand that is lent

The breath of clean air

The laugh of a child

Joy is the sweet smell of salt left in the air when the storm disappears

And the winds die down….

Joy is the resolve

To not let bitterness destroy

What remains