There are things that I see…

A tornado killed 14 people while they slept in their bed

A virus outbreak left thousands dead

Gas is expensive

Homes are cheap, yet sit unsold

Pollsters and pundits and other lies told

A woman watches as the uniformed men approach

With a child on her hip and one in her groin,

She falls to her knees

Wonders how will she do it alone.

It seems so unfair…

How could it be?

“Where is your God” she yells

Then whimpers…

Where is that savior?

Eternal perspectives seem trite in the face of pain

But there are things that I know….

The hand extended,

The people who pick up debris,

The doctors who aid,

The clerk who smiles

The men who continue to fight

Even when they lose a friend.

Yes there are things that I know

Even when I do not see

God is Good.

God is Merciful.

God is Gracious.

God is Just

But fair was never part of the equation

If it were

Why the Tree?

We live by Faith not by Sight.