Right is what I feel
When I disregard you,
“de”contextualize you
place you beneath me
and lord some belief over you
that I have…
and you do not
it makes me feel….above and not beneath

justifies my contempt

Like I know and you do not
and that somehow makes me
right…. and you….well…..wrong.

But Truth is not dependent
on my perception, my doctrine, my denomination
Truth stands confident
waiting to be discovered.

Regardless of how I feel or perceive

like gravity, or entropy

Truth does not answer to the desires of man…or woman…

it simply is…..

Truth cannot be bought

though it longs to be owned

Truth will not be tamed, or twisted or turned

By those who try to wield it as weapon

Truth will wait, quietly, confidently for those

Who who will embrace the incredible

freedom it holds

for Good and not for evil.

For Life and not for death

For Love and not hate……and not just to say,

I am right….and you are wrong!

You will know the Truth and it will set you free