It is Sunday,

The day after the world was supposed to end…
And it didn’t….

And I see the smug comments

of all who take one more chance to say …

I told you so…I even said it myself.  And joked with

friends by post and by text…

Haranguing the hubris of a judgmental fool

But this morning, in the quiet of a sleeping house.

I am thinking  only of a weary old man, broken and brusied…

who based his life and his purpose on what he truly believed

And I am reminded of the high cost of  trying to

Make God behave as we want.

Like a good genie we summon from the lamp

to fix all our ails,

give us our dreams

and contend with our critics.

Judge all those sinners…not us, but “them”

And I am humbled by the notion

that I too have stood..

feet firmly planted on a box of my making

with words from pride;

and claimed they were God’s.

So this morning,

I am praying for Harold,

who based his life on a lie, with essence of truth

but half truth is still error…

for whatever reason

its really not my place to determine.

or judge.

I am praying that He will feel

the genuine embrace

of a God that does not say,

I told you so….

even though He could.

We have all

At one point or another

tried to fit into Holy Shoes

and pretend we were in control.

And God simply allows the messiness of life to happen

to us

filtered through his loving embrace.

With only certainty of one thing,

life is hard

but God is good.

And with this knowledge alone we travel into our day

knowing only for certain this truth that a good friend once told me:

“We may not know what the future holds,

But we know who holds the future.”

And from what I know of Him….

that must be pretty Good.