I am honored to be friends with the women of the prayer shawl ministry at HOPE church who take their time and use their gifts to bless others…As I was participating in Sabbath today I wrote this to honor them…..though none would accept the praise….they are beautiful women…. being the Church….because they love God and their neighbor.

Smooth satiny needles silently and furiously dancing
back and forth back and forth the dance step almost intrinsic
as if it had a mind of its own,
or could do it alone.
Raspberry course strands dance in tune to the needles rhythm
flowing from the ends
till one is many
and substance is formed.
There is order in all of this movement
back and forth, back and forth
the satin needles crisscross.. crisscross..crisscross
Powerful experienced hands pause slightly
pulling stretching the raspberry twine
checking, counting refining the dance
back and forth back and forth
crisscross, crisscross, crisscross
I watch in awe of the many hands moving effortlessly
yet with purpose and knowing
pulling, checking, counting
doing and undoing.
I am so enthralled by the picture of hands
each creating a different space which will
come together as one
I see each square as created
beautiful, delightful, and ordered
and the vision of them combined
robs my breath and I am humbled
by this act of creation and love
I realize this symphony of hands gracefully moving to the dance
is only a landscape for the hearts that share here
the whispers to heaven for others .
This is community with purpose
Deep church…and I see
in these hands….the hands of Christ
crafting, comforting, crying out to heaven
for those who will wrap these shawls
across feeble, ailing legs,
and weary burdened shoulders,
and mothers who will swaddle their child
fresh from the baptismal font .
And in this I am suddenly aware
that I am in company of God
holiness in the ordinary
and it is beautiful and good
Participating by presence with
those using their gifts
for the sake of others
And in doing so bless
and are blessed in return