Concealed transgression

Sin wielded over woman

As if talisman she beholds

That sight of leg or breast could

Unleash the faultless beast

And cause in its revelation

Reproach for accusation


“White washed tombs filled with dead man’s bones”

He said….


But still they peer down from gilded committee towers

Sniveling feigned, indignant innocence,

The crimson tide shrieks contrived, perverted grief

Oh they believe you, That is for sure: convincing, authentic, real…

But they just don’t really care….

Because having to be right reigns

That and some twisted sense of pre-birth life

Which is tossed away as chaff once born and needy



That hideous Ruddy derided cry,

Breaks open the breach


The very caverns of Mother earth

Crack deep

And split open

And from the fissures flood

The Tears of All Eve’s Daughters

Filling the earth

Filling the earth

Filling the earth

Her palpable primal bellow, resolute now

No more! No more! No more!


When the waters recede….

What will remain

In the erosion?