Twenty two,

That was the age of the two in the news
One took life,
One gave it away…
And I am wondering what all this giving and taking
is saying about the faith we share,
or the lack thereof
The first generation of the unchurched
seeking the sacred through
children of the mothers and fathers who turned away
from the mothers and fathers

that spoke of one faith and

lived another

children of the mothers and fathers

who didn’t conform
or checked out
or worshiped their work.
Spitting the bitter tastes from their tongues

of those who
claimed to be sinless, with authority

and in the name of God
but warts are always evident
in  humanity,
Like oil rising to the top

it is not long before we are all exposed and

separated by the light of true  holiness.

Her funeral will be this Sunday,

Her family has flown in from Brazil

A light extinguished too soon

by her own hand

an overflow of brokenness

which in silence went unhealed.

Her husband said, if she had only ten dollars left to her name

and you asked her for it,

she’d give you eleven.

And across the country

today in Tuscan a mother weeps for her

nine year old girl

who was at the wrong place,

at the wrong time.

In the hands of one who thought wrong

was right for all the wrong reasons

And I am wondering what could have been done
to save those who were lost
Words that would have made the difference
Time together
Time Apart
Time,  just more time,
to figure out the need.

If we only had more time….
Twenty two….that was the age of the two in the news
one took life, one gave it away.